TOP TRAVEL TIP …cinchos de nylon

I’d read online that in Mexico valuables often go missing from checked-in luggage – so as usual on our recent internal Interjet flight in Mexico we didn’t pack anything valuable but the Interjet check-in agent secured our luggage with plastic cable ties through the zips- what a brilliantly simple security measure- so this is my top travelling tip for today!
Make sure you also have in your checked-in  luggage a pair of scissors or a penknife to cut them open at your destination!
After that flight last week, we managed to source some cable ties once back in Mexico City (when I’d managed to find out the correct translation- cinchos de nylon) trawling the markets- you really can buy anything in Mexico City, there are markets, shops, tiny concession stands all over this HUGE city. I plan to write about our trip after the Cuba blogs.

One thought on “TOP TRAVEL TIP …cinchos de nylon

  1. Hola! On my first pass across the Facebook truncated intro I mistakenly read “This is my top traveling tip today, 87 more to come…. ” and I thought wow, you’ve learned a lot in Mexico or there are at least 87 risks/ things that have gone wrong. I’m relieved it’s just my eyesight. Sounds like the markets have been fun. Look forward to seeing you both on return. You’ve missed a lot of ☔ xxx


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