JAPAN: a feast for the senses

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Japan March 22nd to April 10th 2017

After a long overnight flight we landed in sunny Tokyo Haneda airport (chosen due to its proximity to the city- Narita is an expensive hour’s train ride). Japan Airlines reminded me of how BA used to be- excellent food, metal cutlery, nothing too much trouble –  plus there was lots of legroom in economy!

I’d done my research (with the help of my students) into getting from the airport to our hotel so after immigration and collecting our baggage we headed off to buy the great value 72 hour unlimited Metro pass including airport transfer downtown- only available to foreign tourists, at the airport, for ¥1900. I was a little daunted by the thought of using the metro as it has the dubious reputation of being one of the top most confusing systems in the world (based on ticket buying and understanding its myriad of non-connecting lines) but I thought that by buying the 72 hour ticket that’d be one problem solved and that practice would make perfect.
I wrote the above as the start to my online diary but now, nearing the end of our stay in this truly amazing country I’ve decided to divide the blog into the experiences we had based on the five senses and call it ‘Japan: a feast for the senses’.
From the sight of Mt Fuji and the mesmerising Miyako Odori dance in Kyoto; the taste of the incredible food ; the smell of the lemon and orange groves we rode past on the stunning Shimanano Kaido cycle way and of sulpur on Mt Hakone; the feel of the hot spring water in the different onsen we experienced, and indeed of the warm loo seats; the sound of the music that announces the arrival of every train and the sound of birds singing on Shikoku.
I can’t wait to share it all with you. Subscribe if you’d like to get an email update as soon as each one is published!

4 thoughts on “JAPAN: a feast for the senses

  1. My goodness you do see the world! I remember my first Japanese breakfast in Japan when I was just 17–in the 1960s. I was served a bowl of hot rice and a raw egg. I was instructed to crack the egg over the rice and enjoy. I am not a finicky eater, and love soft yolks, but I was almost instantly ill. I was with a group of 9 other exchange students who had not been prepared for the experience (and we did not have an egg separator as I see you had!). We gently suggested to the host that if the cook could just boil our eggs a bit we would be very happy! It came to pass that by the end of the week we were eating perfectly cooked soft boiled eggs….after a few more raw ones. I do not think anyone was insulted and we made it through the long mornings of learning Japanese with happy stomachs. I can still taste that raw-egg-rice!

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    1. Interesting! Sorry to hear it made you ill….things have obviously improved as we had the freshest raw stuff imaginable- I wouldn’t eat a raw egg in the UK! How’s your Japanese?


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