Japan: a feast for the senses – Sound

IMG_3211Karaoke was invented in Japan so we were keen to try it out! Luckily it was also a favourite of Momoko (the little girl I taught at Mazak in Worcester- they moved back to Japan last year and they very kindly invited us to stay in their home for part of our trip) and her brother, Jo.

We passed many karaoke places in Tokyo but didn’t know how to book into one so we were pleased when Hiromi told us we were booked into one for a few hours (hours?!) on our last night with them in Minokamo in Gifu Prefecture. In the queue before us was a couple booking the 9pm -6am slot!IMG_3212

It’s a common pastime for many young Japanese.It was such fun and in the karaoke centre we visited you could take your own snacks and beer.


You choose your song from an iPad (songs in English were available in the package we had) and it comes up on the screen and you sing into one of the four microphones provided.


It was such fun! We were there for two hours and time flew by!


You are scored and Bill was thrilled to be the first to get 100%!

If the machine thinks you are rubbish, it gives you a warning then if no improvement is detected, it cuts the song early! I couldn’t possibly let on who had to stop singing the most songs!


Hot tip: It’s a good idea to have at least a few song suggestions in your head as it can be quite hard to think on the spot! Time flies when you’re there and your turn comes around very quickly!


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