Taste 3: seafood BBQ

All you can eat seafood?!





We came across this fabulous place early on in our trip as we stayed in Odawara in an Airbnb on the coast at the bottom of Mt Hakone. We’d already been having fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we’d been to the largest fish market in the world (Tsukiji in Tokyo- more on that another time)  and now was our opportunity to eat a myriad of fish we’d never even heard of or come across before coming to Japan!
Our Airbnb host told us about it and we spotted the red lanterns hanging from the outside of the shop/restaurant down by the port as she’d described.
We ventured in…because it was evening there was nothing to buy in the front of the shop itself but we carried on through and, with basic Japanese, sign language and a handy piece of cardboard on which they’d written all you can eat seafood ¥3000 unlimited soft drinks. (Beer extra) in 80 minutes! we managed to place our order. The price also included 3 delicious steamed oysters per person as well as rice, miso soup and other side dishes. We were taken to sit at a long bench with a row of hot gas grills on the table and buckets under the table for debris. There was also the steaming pot of oysters on the gas ring on the side.


Dried fish selection…
Luckily there were other people eating next to us so we copied what they did!
There were all sorts of shellfish from turban shell to giant scallops and shrimp and then octopus, different types of tuna, and interesting dried fish such as red snapper and barracuda.
Seeing as some of the fish are headless I thought it fitting that Bill was too!
Our favourites were the oysters and octopus, as well as the turban shells and shrimp- and in case you’re wondering if we’d cooked everything properly, absolutely! The fish is so fresh that you could eat it raw in any case. We had a fabulous evening and, the 80 minutes up, we headed back to the Airbnb. Needless to say, we decided against fish for breakfast the next morning!

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